January 27, 2022

Senators Request Update on SSA Services and Processes

Members of both the Senate Finance and Aging Committees are the latest Congressional leaders to press Acting Social Security Administration (SSA) Commissioner, Dr. Kilolo Kijakazi, for an update on the agency’s plan to improve service delivery during the pandemic and to modernize its business processes.

The letter was signed by 17 Democratic members from the two committees, including Committee Chairs, Ron Wyden and Robert P. Casey, Jr. “SSA has a responsibility and a duty to provide timely and quality service to the public, whether it is provided online, via telephone, or in-person,” said the Senators. Members also noted that the agency could use the lessons learned during the public health emergency to make improvements to their services long-term.

The committees presented 18 questions on the topics of Field Office Service Delivery, SSDI and SSI benefits, and Improving Service Delivery. Of particular note, question 7 stated and asked:

“We are deeply concerned about the large and growing backlog of cases at the initial and reconsideration levels pending at state agencies, and increased delays in applications and appeals being sent from field offices and Workload Support Units to state agencies. What are SSA’s plans to ensure timely and accurate decisions are provided to disability claimants?

Read the letter in its entirety here.


Mary Dale Walters
Written by

Mary Dale Walters

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