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Maximize Social Security offsets and overpayment reimbursement.

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Overpayment Reimbursement Service (Seamless ORS®)

Often employees or customers forget they must repay overpayment funds. Allsup's patented Overpayment Reimbursement Service is a risk-free solution that's easy to implement and will produce measurable savings without adding to your company’s administrative duties.

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Allsup's patented Seamless ORS process will help your business regain dollars lost due to overpayments. Our expert SSDI process means faster awards for claimants – and faster reimbursement of overpayment dollars for your business.

Many companies fail to not only recover significant overpayment dollars through existing processes, but often this process is quite lengthy – only obtaining 75 percent of recovery dollars – some taking up to three years after claimants are awarded SSDI benefits.

The Overpayment Reimbursement Service

Allsup also monitors long-term disability claimants' progress and status in the SSDI program. Access to full disability benefits, including monthly income and Medicare, allows self-insured employers to effectively manage benefit plans and expenses.

  • Screens disability claims using proven criteria to determine whether claimants are suitable for pursuing SSDI benefits
  • Represents disability claimants through appropriate levels of application and appeal by completing all necessary SSDI application forms, compiling medical documentation to prove disability, and appearing at hearings
  • Reimburses overpayment funds with claimant approval using our pre-authorized electronic withdrawal process
  • Monitors those who have applied for SSDI without Allsup’s assistance or who have return-to-work potential
  • Reports the status of all claimants in the SSDI application and overpayment reimbursement process who are being represented or tracked by Allsup