October 16, 2013

Congress to Vote Tonight on Ending Government Shutdown and Avoiding Default

Most major news outlets are reporting a deal to end both the partial government shutdown and to raise the debt ceiling. The deal would immediately reopen the government by funding it through Jan. 15, 2014. It also would raise the debt limit through Feb. 7, 2014.

This is very good news on two fronts related to the Social Security Administration (SSA).  For disability applicants, the Agency will resume normal operations tomorrow and can fully process claims and appeals. And for current beneficiaries, they can be confident their monthly disability and retirement checks will not be interrupted.

However, the deal does not bring full closure to the situation and difficult decisions will need to be made prior to Jan. 15, 2014, in order to prevent another possible shutdown.

Also, we remain hopeful the Agency will receive much-needed additional budget funds lost to sequestration. The SSA has lost over ten percent of their workforce since Dec. 2010, despite historically high levels of beneficiaries and applicants.

We will continue to provide updates on any additional SSA specific details, as they become available.

Steve Perrigo
Written by

Steve Perrigo

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