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Introducing Allsup Benefits Coordination Services

Offer Your Clients Savings And Solutions For Their Group Health Plan Special Groups: Post-65 Active Employees And COBRA Elects

Allsup Benefits Coordination (ABC) expertly reduce costs and adds value to your clients’ range of benefit options.

Brokers and consultants can now provide a streamlined program that guides post-65 active employees who are future retirees to more seamlessly transition to exchange-provided coverage. Employers can benefit by transitioning COBRA participants to lower cost coverage.

This service specifically supports employers with two groups that can drive higher costs:

  • • Post-65 active employees
  • • COBRA participants

ABC allows brokers and consultants to provide specialized help to employer clients and their employees. This assistance results in savings for both groups and the added bonus of employees receiving the best healthcare experience through informed decision-making.

Allsup Benefits Coordination

Reducing costs and adding value for brokers, employers and group health plan special groups. Learn more about ABC services for you and your clients in this video.

Learn How ABC Benefits Your Employer Clients And Their Employees

Brokers, employers and individuals all gain valuable benefits through Allsup Benefits Coordination (ABC). Click here to learn more about these benefits and why interest is growing in this cost-saving program.

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